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Dennis W. Cashman
48 Luke Hill Road
Bethany, CT 06524
(203) 393-0104

1 July 1998

Dear George,

Per your request dated 12 June 1998 with regard to my CFEPE activities apart from monthly meetings of the Executive Committee meetings, I can say that I retain my interest in communications technology and have spent quite a few hours both learning more about it, setting up a site, and a page on the WWW for CFEPE. At the CFEPE site, I also provided links to what I think are useful and interesting resources accessible to the membership -- at least the part of the membership which may have an interest in such things. I'd estimate my time doing that, and looking in from time to time, to be at least ten hours monthly and I suppose I would attribute the time spent as something which might be attributed to the Technology Committee, of which (so far as I know) I am the sole member. If you know of others, please have them email me at this address, because some input would be welcome. I could do more on my own, but think it would be wise not to proceed until I have some input -- at least from other officers of the organization. One of the things I like about the new technology is that one does not have to drive someplace to sit in a room with others to be productive, so even after my two eye operations grounded me for months (at least in terms of night driving), I was able to work from here.

It seems to me that there is a great deal more that we can do -- as I have said over and over again -- like publishing online, putting members in touch with each other, eventually providing chat facilities, perhaps running some free workshops (online or offline). It would be nice to bring the organization into the 20th century sometime before it (the century, not the organization) comes to an end.



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